Debate Night Watch Parties
Terms and Conditions

A debate night event at a private home requires the parent(s) to be informed via email , prior to the event, of the below requirements. A debate night event requires oversight by an adult 21 years of age or older. The parents of a BBYO member may serve as the adult supervisor. In either case the parents shall agree to abide by the following guidelines: 

  • All BBYO Programs must adhere to the BBYO Member Code of Conduct
  • Remain actively present for the entirety of the program. 
  • Contact chapter advisor or professional staff with any questions regarding hosting expectations.
  • Participants cannot leave and then return to the program/house without permission from a parent. If a teen leaves the house during an event, notify the staff or advisor contact so that they can contact the teens parents.
  • Notify your staff or advisor contact immediately in the event of any incident involving damage to property injury to a person, unwelcome physical contact, etc. Your staff or advisor contact will provide host families with emergency/parent contact numbers for all participants.
  • For the safety of participants and out of respect for their parents and guardians we must require you and you must agree to not consume or use alcohol, drugs or tobacco products in the presence of participants
  • We require you and you must agree to make sure any firearms, alcohol, tobacco products or medication are secured from and cannot be accessed by the teens.